Ceferino Namuncurá

The Way To Holiness

Directed by Roberto Reppel Toubel

This historical – testimonial documentary tells the whole story of Ceferino Namuncura´s life (1886 – 1905), a young Mapuche who is believed to have miraculous healing powers.

Its director, Roberto Reppel Toubel (three times winner of Martin Fierro Awards), uses the words of relatives, specialists, historians, priests, and presents the unprecedented stories of the protagonists of such miracles.

Since the “Conquest of the Desert” until the return of his remains to his family in 2009, “Ceferino Namuncurá, the Way to Holiness” is the most complete and updated documentary about this topic.

  1. ViñetaSpecial Mention XXV International Film Festival of Niepokalanów, Poland 2010

  2. ViñetaSelection in Digital. 14 th meeting of Latin American Cinema, Festival of Lima, 2010.

  3. ViñetaDeclared of interest by the Honorable Congress of Argentina

Las Que Encantan

Directed by Mirta Martin

The singing of women is central. Through women and their sensitivity to open the range of readings that give the song to our personal perception. Las Que Encantan has been selected for these festivals:

  1. Viñeta8 º Buenos Aires Independent Film Festival (BAFICI).

  2. ViñetaDOCUSUR 2006 - Spain.

  3. ViñetaOberá en Cortos - Official international competition

  4. ViñetaXXIII International Film Festival of Bogota - V Documentary Award

  5. ViñetaImages of Patagonia 06

  6. ViñetaTucumán Cine 06

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Directed by Edgardo Pabano

This educational video produced in collaboration with Integrated Learning Project elaborates on the pre-adolescent sexuality through the eyes of the children themselves who were responsible for writing the script.

A unique experience based on a draft Jessica Rapoport.

  1. ViñetaSelected as special education material by the Cenex Foundation - Cuba.

  2. ViñetaSpecial Selection of the 7th International Festival of Sexual Themes

Déception Au Trois

Directed by: Edgardo Pabano

A lesbian couple visits a foreign country. There they meet a man with whom they soon become friends. One of the girls intends to use him to get pregnant, but the other one and the boy have their own plans.

"Décepcion au trois” is a comedy that intends to be a apocryphal French film from the director Claude Chabrol, making a parody of some aspects of french movies.

  1. ViñetaOfficial Selection of the 7th International Festival of Sexual Themes

“The Progress" Speaks In Another Language

Directed by: Edgardo Pabano

Documentary - Development

With an intimate atmosphere the film will follow the story of the inhabitants of El Progreso, a village in the Misiones province on the border with Brazil. We will meet key people to understand why these Argentinian village only speaks Portuguese.

Souvenir of “The Merry City”

Directed by: Ramiro Montenegro

Production company: Ra-Mon.Cine

Shot as a family video within real holiday makers.  This unique tragicomic fiction feature tells the story of small town couple, Hector and Marta, on their first ever holidays and their 11 years old daughter, Florencia, making the documentary of the trip.


Upon their encounter with the city of Mar del Plata, also called "The Merry City", they will experience the excruciating circumstances in which three million people enjoy their holidays in one of the biggest seaside resorts in the world.

  1. ViñetaSelected 11 th International Winter Festival - Uruguay

Cecilia Isas & Alan Kwiek In Concert

Directed by: Edgardo Pabano

Production company: Emerger

Two hundred years after the revolution of May, we think highlight the work of Argentine composers of note, but rarely visited.

The performers, Cecilia Isas and Alan Kwiek are two outstanding young Argentine musicians who form a duo with superlative characteristics.



Directed by: Edgardo Pabano

Feature film - Development

A critical view on relations in a society that has suffered many crises.

Comedy, full of irony and symbolism. The film shows a day (the last one) in Gonzalo and Victoria's life, a couple used pathetically to hysteria, denial and betrayal.