Las Que Encantan

Directed by: Mirta Martin

The singing of women is central. Through women and their sensitivity to open the range of readings that give the song to our personal perception. Recognize in singing, dancing and a good image that belongs to everyone. A good that is undermining, leaving for a few elect. A good that gives us joy, understanding, and we communicate with others in a particular way, directly. Try that images may be heard and the sounds are seen, both from a perception of being full. “Sculpting in time ", the sound and image of a feeling.


  1. Viñeta8 º Buenos Aires Independent Film Festival (BAFICI).

  2. ViñetaDOCUSUR 2006 - Spain.

  3. ViñetaOberá en Cortos - Official international competition

  4. ViñetaXXIII International Film Festival of Bogota - V Documentary Award

  5. ViñetaImages of Patagonia 06

  6. ViñetaTucumán Cine 06



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